Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jobs, Kids, Money, Life

                                           The Flying Lizards: I want money

Status: looking for work (after twenty years raising kids and no completed degree, so I'm qualified to do exactly what I've been doing: cooking and cleaning, natch). Found a free city gym and that's helping with stress, quite a bit actually. I've been getting the kids and myself into various kinds of heads, shoulders, knees and toes doctors, just to get everything done before insurance changes for the worse. I need to paint the inside house (friends have offered their help, without being asked, bless them) and I need to maybe give a damn about the lawn, but I'm not killing myself with this house sale. I've done the kill yourself fixing and staging a house game, and it's not worth it, not at this price point.

I've finally given up the battle to keep Kid Number Two off of meds: she's been asking for ADHD and anti-anxiety meds for years, and I've had her do yoga and vitamins and herbs and so on, and she still is smart but not focused (which is the natural state of most teens, thus my hestitancy), but she is still pushing, so she sees A Guy for the first time this week. I must say I'm still exceedingly concerned about the long term affects of these meds that all our kids are on; where's the fifty year data showing that it didn't hamper long term brain development, especially at critical ages? I continually wobble between, well, maybe this Millenial generation will be like my mom's generation; a super generation (like the first vaccine generation), who were able to focus their minds and belay their anxiety, thus becoming better and maybe more evolved. That's my thought process on good days. On bad days I'm convinced that we're all drunken monkeys on pills. Stay tuned.

Kid Number One is has started Wellbutrin and seems to be doing better than usual on it. They're looking for work as well, and trying to save up for a name change, and trying to convince unsurance, which is legally supposed to cover (if we jump though all the hoops, which we have) a 'top' surgery for gender re-assignment. They're wearing a binder right now and it's causing a lot of pain and back problems. I think this surgery would be hard but helpful with their depression. I hate saying 'they're' but they've said not to call them 'son' until the name change and surgery. It's hard to be supportive when the person is saying, yes, be an advocate, yes support me, but only so much, not yet. The transgender situation is so different from the gay/lesbian/bi thing. It just is. They're trapped in the wrong body, for God's sake. It's so weird that it's part of the PFLAG thing. It's just so, well, brutal.

It's unpleasantly hot, but it's not endless winter, so I'll take it. My garden looks great. I put in about a thousand zinnia seeds and they mostly all came up, so between the zinnias and fifteen daisy and echinaccea plants, it's very cottage garden-y. It goes without saying that the Lawn Nazi next door is in spasms of hate. It's win-win.

TV I liked this week: 

The War on Whistleblowers (documentary).


This one is grim. Very well done, and the guys in it are heroes, to be sure, but grim. The free press in America hasn't been this limited and reactionary for more than a hundred years. We've gotten ourselves into a bad way. It's hard to get congress to do anything, let alone re-write laws, or kill them.

TV I loved this week:



I've never really sat down and watched more than one or two episodes, but I've been knitting frantically in an effort to finish the world's most overdue present, and marathoning Fringe, and Godallmighty, it's so good. It's like Battle Star Galactica type good. Funny and smart and weird with a great romance and wonderful characters; it's what I wished X files would have been (I thought X files went downhill after the first few years). It's so nice to love a tv show again.

Books I liked this week: 

Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett. 

I know I read him almost exclusively lately, but he's great stress relief. Well written, funny, poignant, and character drive plot, as usual.

Images I liked this week: 

end; have a good week