Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm trying to pretend that I'm not so stressed I could FREAK; I'm trying to embrace LIFE as a CHALLENGE and a LEARNING experience, as Oprah would say

     So. The ex, upon whom I and the children are dependent, lost his job. He was worried it would happen, and indeed it did. How can someone so smart be so bad with people? Or rather, I get that some very smart genius types are impatient with us lesser mortals, but surely they can see patterns of destructive behavior, surely they realize that unless they're trust fund babies, they've just got to somehow FAKE a certain level of people awareness, if not actual people skills. How can you think that you can treat everyone around you like they're the slaves and you're the Pharaoh, and not have an inkling that there might be an insurrection around the corner?

     That was the beginning of Feb. The middle was surgery, which was a success and, aside from some lingering healing issues, has helped my neck/shoulder/back pain quite a little bit. I still can't exercise yet, until the incisions are closed properly (some of them came open and got infected, TMI), so I can't accurately gauge my out-and-about pain level, but I'm amazed at how good I feel even right now. I need to finish healing totally, because I have to start packing and get the house staged to put it on the market. I can't even really talk about this at any length. I really thought I was done with moving. I believed it. I planted an extensive garden, with perennials, not annual plants. I let one kid paint their room black and the other kid paint their room bright pink. I didn't actually put up any photos or pictures, or more than a few strategically placed curtains, though. I'm out of habit. Maybe if we'd lived here longer. I need to find a realtor who will be willing to do most of the work and deal with me and my bad attitude. I just can't fake any sort of energetic enthusiasm for moving at this point. I need a compassionate, patient go-getter. Does this exist in realty?

     I also need to get the kids into about five different medical checkups each, and have one myself, and get pelvic surgery before the insurance benefits dry up. Because the only thing that makes moving better (it hardly needs improving, obviously, it's so damn wonderful on its own) is surgery and recovering from said, etc. And then I need to find a job, even though I'm qualified for less than minimum wage and the market here is flooded with smart, bright, shiny young college kids with energy, health, and brains. I'm old enough to know that life is full of valleys and peaks and places in between, but gawdallmighty, I'm weary.

     Nothing but links and photos from here on...I literally can't bring myself to talk about life anymore.

Websites I liked this month:

This was my favorite thing I've read online in a long while:
 The Overprotected Kid (excellent article with photos/description of the coolest playground on earth) :

How a conservative Mormon family did the Christlike thing and chose their son over their ward (people who are unfamiliar with The Church won't get how big of a deal this is):

Healthy homemade marshmallows (not sure if they really are all that healthy, but good recipe)

What science tells us about the most successful relationships:

Small house swoon (for those of us charmed by The Tiny House movement, but think they are, realistically, just too small, frankly...these homes are slightly bigger and just marvelous) :

Globaloria (Invent, Build, Share), award winning platform for kids (and others) to learn STEM, coding, game building, and software skills:

Study Group (comics by struggling artists)

Twenty year old Hunter S. Thompson's life advice on finding your purpose, etc:

You're not going to read this (the Verge), re: link sharing and actual things being actually read (yes, this is a deliberate link, ironic but still good):

Videos I liked this month:

I can't get my favorite discovery to upload's a playlist on youtube of the book of Winnie the Pooh being read by the heavy hitters of English acting (Fry, Dench, Horrocks, etc)...all audio, and finally, Piglet is perfect for the first time ever. I can't get over how much I love this:

Christopher Hitchens on various stuff (I know there are a lot of angry, sexist fan boys in the atheist and logic 'movement' and they are just, well, mostly horrible and intolerable and intolerant's enough to put one off Hitchens, et al, but I still like most of this vid

Time Team Archeology Special: The Real Vikings

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge on glowing skin and pretty makeup at any age (it helps that the model is gorgeous beyond belief)...still good tips, for any age, esp forty plus.

Five hundred square foot home with loft

Pictures I liked:

end; have a good week

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