Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waaaah (or The Day Red Lipstick Let Me Down) (just temporarily...I still believe in you, red lipstick, mwah mwah)

Got so much cool she's selling it back to the city grid. When I'm officially old (I'm sure some women's magazine will let me know when that is), I'm getting this exact hat and cigar. Don't know if I can track those shoes down, though. They're word of mouth cool, way too cool for mere mortals like me.
     So I took a bit of time with myself yesterday, before heading out for life wasting soul draining errands. Was feeling downish, generally, not about the storm, just Life In General, so I did the fancy hair, fire red lipstick thing, and felt pretty good when I went out. I didn't go on a date, or to a club, it was only the grocery store, but still, I felt good. Red lipstick does that to me; instant pickup.

I'd finished my obligatory run to the grocery store, all stocked up for the snowstorm, when I realized I'd forgotten eggs. I nominated Kid Number Two to run into the closest still-open store and grab said eggs while I waited at entrance in the car, for minimum time wastage. I was knitting and listening to NPR getting all het up about the storm, but still feeling pretty good about life (witness the power of good red lipstick: Lipstick Queen Red Sinner ) when my daughter slammed into the car, eggs in hand, and said "My God, you look like such a mom right now. I mean, like really, really old," as she turned off NPR and turned on Sweater Weather.

     I tell you, my ego is pretty solid. I mean, as solid as an ego can be as a human being with no current spouse and two abnormally beautiful teenagers. Kind of solid, kind of really not. But still, it's a good thing it's mostly sorta solid, because damn. DAMN.

TV I liked this week: Sherlock Holmes, the PBS one

 I didn't like this Sherlock version, when I first saw it a long while ago. I'd loved the old Jeremy Brett one, and this one was just too different. Love the Guy Richie ones, just didn't take to this version for some reason. I eventually succumbed to it, and now I enjoy it. I'm not a Cumberbitch, by any means, although he does a pretty good job. I like this season because John has met and married Mary, and this Mary is terrific (and apparently the actors are really married to each other in real life, too, how cute, etc etc). Mary and John are marvelous together, marvelous separately, just really fun to watch. And Cumberband's Sherlock isn't nearly as cold fishy as he was earlier, so that's all to the good as well.

Books I read this week: (well book, not books): Lost in a good book, Jasper Fforde (

It's a re-read. Between shoveling fifty feet of snow every two minutes and dealing with genuinely dangerous cold temperatures and bored kids, I went for brainless comfort. His books are always fun, always pander to bibliophiles (in a good way) and endlessly imaginative. He's not as hilarious as Wodehouse, but pretty good nonetheless.

Food I cooked this week:

Circle B's Oven-Roasted Spaghetti and Meatballs (yes, it is good enough to be in all caps):


It turns out you CAN cook pasta in the actual sauce even without boiling in water first, and it gives the overall pasta a wonderful taste. Circle B's recipe is a solid one; I use it again and again and the kids and I always enjoy it. I do add extra garlic, and a teaspoon of dried fennel seeds, and a skooch of sweet balsamic vinegar, in my version, but that's the thing about this recipe: it stays good throughout a lot of modified tinkering. Here's more about cooking pasta in sauce, not water:

Pictures I liked this week: 

end; have a good week