Friday, August 9, 2013


I can't get this video to load on my blog: Simon Amstell (Grandma's House) "We can do this." It's worth the link, it's marvelous. I'm helpless to stop the dance of the idiot myself, I can't tell you how relieved I am that someone else does this, too.

Interesting site, very good graphics...a dating experiment between friends. Not as pointless as I'd imagined, when I first heard about it. A gimmick, to be sure, with book to follow, but they're asking good, thoughtful questions about the nature of intimacy and friendship:

Rapping to preserve an almost extinct language:

Sheltering in place (worth a read and at least a few provisional thoughts):

Oh whatever. Jesustapdancingchrist I'm ever so sick of mom blogs, even though I can't stop reading them and actively search them out and could even be labeled as a mom blog myself:

And now that I've said that I'm done with mom blogs, here's a little hypocrisy for you. This might be the most beautifully written, heartbreaking blog I've read all year. Godallmighty she's good (I especially loved her post called Slip, Slip, Knit). This woman can WRITE:

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