Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's time to find some positive transgender stories.

     This vid is the Big Think interview of Stephen Fry. It's quite long, but more than worth the time investment. He talks a little bit about when he realized he was gay, and what that meant, when he was a young teen reading Oscar Wilde. He says that he realized he was a part of a group of remarkable, select, but ultimately doomed people, and that realization informed and molded him from a young age. He was an avid reader and particularly sought out more LGTB writers and biographies. He does say that he would have been happier being born twenty years later, when gay rights and the internet community came to the mainstream, but seems to still consider himself one of the doomed.
     This bit of the vid really resonates with me because I realized that most, if not almost all, of my viewpoint about transgender people is, to borrow S. Fry's word, doomed. It seems like my acceptance of my kid is being hindered by my fear. I'm afraid all the time, and even trying to avoid news shows and sites, I'm more than aware that transgender people are being hunted and tortured and killed. I've realized I need to search out more trans people; blogs, books, etc., so that my viewpoint of this community is more whole. I mean, my God, the first thing I thought of when my kid came out to me was that horrible "Boys Don't Cry" movie. Time to branch out. 

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