Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In honor of the new school year: two extremely wonderful meatloaf recipes:

     This is the one I made tonight, the night before school begins. It's a Sarah Moulton derivation, very good indeed. It's not overly fussy, which is key, and the taste is superior to most other recipes I've tried before I found this one. The cooking technique is a bit unusual, and makes for a better, more evenly cooked loaf:

     The second recipe is from Nigella Lawson; she calls it 'Ed's Mother's Recipe. Well done Ed's mother, is all I can say. It's got a cooked egg in the middle, which makes for a good meatloaf sandwich, and it's cooked not with a glaze per se, but strips of bacon draped over the loaf. It struck me as hilarious, the first time I started the bacon draping, but it makes sense; everything is better with bacon:

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