Sunday, July 7, 2013

My two favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, and two of my favorite food bloggers (links):

There are a ton of chocolate chip cookie recipes, but there's only two I actually think are worth all the fuss. One of them has a huge amount of ingredients, the other only has a few, and they are both very, very good.

Nigella Lawson's is my favorite, and the easiest. I'm putting in a link to a blog that has the recipe, because it's not on Nigella's website, it's only in her book:

I sometimes use extra fine sugar, as directed, and sometimes use normal plain sugar, both work really well. I've added almond flavoring, imitation vanilla, bread flour, all purpose flour, used non-stick spray when I was out of parchment paper, and it all works pretty darn well. It's a terrific recipe, very forgiving, simple and consistent. It is important to take the cookies out the second they start to get brown (tan is better) around the edges (about the twelve, thirteen minute mark in my oven), and then let them sit on the hot tray for about ten min. It seems to really make a difference in the final cookie. I don't like hard cookies, this method results in a cookie that's chewy on the outside, melt-y and gooey on the center. I suspect that you could bake them longer, for a harder cookie, and it would still be good. It's such a good recipe.

The second recipe is more work, but also quite good. The secret ingredient is Jello pudding mix. The cookies are fluffy, soft, and taste very good indeed. It's more work, thus more mess, but it's a good one to know:

While I'm listing favorites: here are two of my favorite food bloggers. They consistently have terrific recipes that aren't too expensive or difficult or fiddly or requiring hard to find ingredients or using hard to master techniques. Their writing styles are warm, encouraging, welcoming and brimming with the love of cooking and good food. I just love them; so glad I found them:

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