Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things that made me happy this week.

Taking pics of my pets in the dark with the negative setting.
Gir's thinking, golly, my human gets weirder every day. 
Cookie's ok with the weird; he knows a treat is coming his way any second. He wouldn't look away if a bear came crashing through the window (watch out for the window-crashing-bears-of-Kansas; they break in, delete your dvr recordings, eat all the strawberries you were saving for lunch, and usually don't clean up after themselves).

This is happy and pretty, a twofer. 
So pretty. I wanted to pet it, but I dug deep, and found a tiny bit of restraint. 

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was when I heard about this on the news. 
They actually use brooms. 
They have playoffs and finals and a world championship.
They have a magazine called the Monthly Seer. 

We're driving to Tennessee for the National Storytelling Festival that same week,
or I would absolutely pull the kids out of school and sit on the sidelines and celebrate 
the fact that sometimes, people are awesome beyond the telling of it. 
This is happy-making at its best. 

I just found out there's a team in Kansas. 
Just when I thought life couldn't get any better:

Here's more people discovering that playing like a kid is the secret to happiness:

professional snowball playing

It turns out the Quidditch teams aren't the only ones having a blast.
More happymaking.

This vid is at the top of the happy list. 
It's not the funniest of the series, but its got the least Jersey Shore type language. 

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